Day Trip to Biomass Power Plant and Hachibaru Geothermal Power Plant

We dedicated the 6th of June to visiting some of Kyushu’s primary power plants. We first went to the Biomass power plant, which utilizes wood biomass from the forests surrounding Hita. We were kindly given a presentation by one of the power plant workers, during which he gave a detailed description of the processes in use at this highly efficient plant. We also got to tour the facility, from mulch piles to power lines.

We then went to the nearby Hachibaru Geothermal power plant, the most productive plant in all of Japan. Making use of the subterranean geothermal reservoirs, heated to steam by magma deep inside the earth, the system is all steam based. We were given a detailed description of the machinery used to bore up to 2 kilometers into the earth to reach these reservoirs. We then walked through all of the steps of the cutting edge processes being utilized at this power plant. The machinery was truly incredible!



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