Weekend Fun! Beppu 海卵水族館 Umitamago Aquarium and 高崎山 Takasaki Mountain!

Only a fifteen minute ride away from downtown Beppu station, the combination of Umitamago and adjacent Takasaki Mountain is an irresistible one! A 2,500 yen ticket purchased at the Travel Information office inside of the Beppu Train Station will make for a day full of fun! Offering one of a kind closeness with a substantial indigenous Japanese Macaque population on the gorgeous Takasaki Mountain is a one of a kind experience you will never forget. While there, one thing you won’t want to miss are the feeding times, happening on the half hour. A well informed staff shares many interesting facts about the macaque lives you see unfolding right before your eyes. However, all presentations are made in Japanese. Good words to know before hand are サル — monkey, さわるーto touch, 繕う・つくろうーto groom, けんかする– to fight, よこになっている — to lie down。

The next stop is the Umitamago Aquarium. A seemingly modest aquarium, it is truly packed full of many fantastic animals, big and small. Offering an interactive slice of the marine wildlife native to the oceans surrounding Japan, it is a great learning experience. Get ready to practice your katakana reading skills because all fish names are written so. Signage is generally done pretty well to include English, but there are some areas that lack translation. This aquarium offers amazing shows featuring their very own animals. Approximately ever hour, they have a show featuring Walruses or Dolphins or Sea Lions, with assorted guest appearances! Signs showing the times of the shows can be found by the respective animals observation area. There is an outdoor and indoor performance viewing area.

Overall a great experience! With Oita Kotsu service to nearby Oita, an amusement trip can easily turn into a great chance to see Oita’s stellar shopping district!


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