The First Week of My APU Life


Waking up at 3:30 on the morning of May 15th, persevering through 30 hours of waking travel, which included three planes, a bus, and a taxi, I finally arrived in Fukuoka airport at 8:45 PM on May 16th local time. The past three days have dragged along as we get acclimated to our new surroundings. On the seventeenth we enjoyed meeting our APU Buddies, the program volunteers, and went on a campus and eventual Beppu city tour. A day full of fun, I got to see much of what Beppu had to offer, such as its shopping outlets, its quaint streets, and its pleasant shoreline areas. As I continue to navigate everyday things, I am learning new ways of expressing my thoughts, traveling the surrounding area, and figuring out self-service grocery store registers.

It is always amusing to realize the awkward ways English finds its way into Japanese culture. At APU, English is by no means alone in the foreign language crowd. Home to students from 80 different countries, there is never a shortage of culture to experience. Many of the various clubs offer performances during the common 3rd period lunch time. Today I watched an interesting Tae Kwon Do/K-Pop fusion. This week and next I have been browsing the various clubs (Circles as their known here) and looking for an interesting one to join.


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