The First Week of My APU Life

Figuring this place out.


企業訪問 Company Visits 6.28-6.30

At last I have experienced the crown jewel of the LBAT program, the string of corporate visits. On the first day we went to the Kitakyushu Eco Town. This was one of the foremost "eco parks", a major research center for development of large and small scale sustainable technology. This park, rapidly developing, is home [...]

Oita Homestay

Over the weekend ending on June the 25th, the LBAT'ers got paired with a host family in Beppu, Oita, or Hiji, and got to get a real taste of Japanese family life. I was personally placed in Oita, with the Nishidas, a jolly family of three, with a young boy of nine named Ryou. This [...]

The Serene City of Nagasaki

Included in the LBAT program was a weekend trip to Nagasaki. A breathtaking three hour coach bus ride away from our Beppu residence, we soaked in countless views of morning Japanese country side. Once we got into the city, we alighted swiftly and headed to our first destination, the Oura Catholic Church, a mid-19th century [...]